What can I do for you?

I offer services that align your day to day life with spiritual insight and well-being.

 Services I offer:
:: Reiki
:: Restorative Massage
:: Crystal Chakra Balancing
:: Tarot Reading 
:: Floral Baths
:: Elemental Transformation Ritual
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:: Reiki Sessions ::

Reiki is an ancient laying-on of hands healing technique that uses the life force energy to heal, balancing the subtle energies within our bodies. Sessions are  designed to empower a personal intention in healing - physical/emotional pain/challenges or simple energetic vibrancy.  Reiki is an intelligent energy that 'knows' where to arrive within you.  1/2 hour @ $20

:: Restorative Massage ::

Restorative massage gently and intimately revitalizes you, allowing you to release tension and stress, restoring you to wholeness and optimal well-being. 1/2 hr. session @ $45 1hr session @ $60.

:: Crystal Chakra Balancing ::
Crystal Chakra Balancing unites the vibrational power of sound and the pure cyrstaline energies to AWAKEN, ATTUNE, and ENLIVEN the chakra points within your bodies etheric system.  Mantras are sung, gems are therapeutically placed on the body, and a crystal pendulum is used in this subtle yet powerful alignment session. Follow-up chakra meditation resources are provided. 1/2 hr. @ $30

:: Tarot Reading ::

Looking for insight and direction in an area of your life? Lady Dragon Tarot is a practical consultation that offers you the opportunity to reflect on your story and obtain help from the invisible world.  In the style of readings I provide we dialogue together to identify the current confluence of energies in your life. We then develop direction and intention for you to move forward creating the outcome you intend.  Many of my clients feel release, clarity, and are empowered to a new level of acceptance or action. 45min @ $20 / Events $25 an hour

:: Floral Bath 

This is a beautiful ritual that utilizes -  clearing salts, essential oils, and beautiful (specific) flowers.  Infused with intention we create together, the bath is poured for purification, release of toxic energies, and the purpose of allowing divine blessings into your life. Performed in your home 1 hr @ $25

:: Transformation Ritual ::

Let's get the energy moving in the direction you want to go! In a simple hour session and consult we can design a personalized ritual to transform any are area of your life.

These designs have been applied to familial/ancestral concerns, conflict in relationships, and obstacles in life,visioning, career, and home!  1hr @ $25

About Miel

:: About Miel / Xotchil Kali (Flowering House Woman)::

I am nearing a decade of discipline in earth-based traditions, dance, somatic massage and alternative community living.   Through deep experiential investigations I have created a healing tool-kit to assist you in healing/creating/revitalizing/transforming/or spiritually contextualizing aspects of your living experience.  

My personal healing journey has brought me into a beautiful place of balance and abundance. I have transformed painful life experiences enabling me to live with vibrant and vital presence.  I am able to provide deep and soul connecting healing and problem solving with compassion for any circumstance.

What Clients Say:

"Thank you for your spiritual understanding, I am so grateful." - Chakra Balancing Client

"Thank you so much for the massage yesterday. I feel so much better, my back and shoulders are not all knotted up!" - Restorative Massage Client

"Thank You again! I feel so renewed in a way I didn't know I needed." - Restorative Massage

"Miracle healing! You introduced my Dad into a world that was previously unknowable to him.  When can we have you back?" - Transformation Ritual client

"This is making a BIG difference" - Reiki client